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STORYTIME with DAN the BOOK MAN is a series of individual “edu-taining” videos for students, teachers and parents that feature beloved local actor and Sapphire teaching artist, Daniel A. Martin. In this series, Daniel shares books that deal with the problems children face such as bullying, report cards, and friendship challenges. Individuals and classes are invited to email Daniel the issues on their minds, and he helps them through the power of reading with books that examine those issues. TheSTORYTIME series is primarily for grade school students, can be enjoyed at home or in virtual classrooms, and shines the spotlight books written and illustrated by women and people of color. Have a topic in mind? Email


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ORANGE by Derrick S. Slack, Illustrated by Ros Webb

“Orange, a young person wrestling with feelings of belonging, helplessness and fitting in with the other personified colors of the rainbow, discovers her purpose, worth, and with help, a better sense of self.  The value of diversity, inclusion, power of words, and getting help are touched upon in this wonderful timely and relevant children’s book. With the prevelance of adolescent and teen suicide in the world, Orange reminds us that bullying, the power of words, and being included often are at the core of the relation to such a choice a young person faces in that ultimate decision to take one’s own life.”

ORANGE – Interview with author Derrick Slack

REPORT CARD DAZE by Darrell E. Morton, Jr., Illustrated by Angelica P. Cox

“Freddie Candler is the best player on all of the U-Street schools sports teams. In fact, he spends so much time playing sports that he lets his grades fall. It’s report card day and now it’s time to face the music at home. How will Freddie explain his grades to his parents and coaches? Will he be allowed to play in the district championship game?“ 

BULLY ON THE BENCH by Darrell E. Morton, Jr., Illustrated by Darreld D. Smith 

“After being grouped together with Freddie and Anson to work on a project assigned by the teacher, Rodney begins to say mean things about Anson who is new to U-Street school. When Anson is asked to join the baseball team, Rodney who is a key player tries to intimidate Anson to make him quit. As a fellow teammate and friend, how will Freddie handle the bullying he has witnessed. Will he remain silent or will he get involved?”