We have created a variety of mobile shows and public-facing events in the Indianapolis community. Our productions are always unique, engaging and surprising.

LYSISTRATA by Aristophanes

For our premiere production, we transformed an empty retail space in the Circle Centre Mall in downtown Indianapolis into an ancient Greek theatre for a saucy comedy about sex and war – LYSISTRATA by Aristophanes, from the land of the original naked Olympics. Produced right before the 2008 elections, this play was our way to call attention to the war in Iraq. Our modern adaptation of this ancient play was about love and laughter, democracy and war, patriotism and protest, grassroots movements and change ~ themes as relevant today as they were 2500 years ago.

“This splendid 90-minute production of a fast-paced contemporary adaptation bodes well for the future of this newest Indianapolis-based theater company” Rita Kohn, NUVO

STC (virtual) OPEN MIC NIGHTS [2020]

In response to COVID, our team created a live, virtual Open Mic Night series that ran for months in 2020. As a company, we keep our finger on the pulse of the community to be ready to serve the current needs – in 2020, the community needed to connect, to interact, to express artistically and to enjoy live moments of artistic expression. We responded with an ongoing, live and virtual talent show. With over 300 views per show (and over 5500 views total) this free, public series has been a way to provide entertainment and connectivity to audiences, and a safe stage for a variety of artists.

CLICK HERE to view the Playlist of STC OPEN MIC NIGHT Videos on YouTube


ADULT SWIM Indy was a fully immersive performance art experience specially designed for young, urban professionals and cultural progressives. This extraordinary recess for adults was modern “hip happening” that brought to life The Sapphire’s vision for unique, engaging mobile performances. Over 7,000 attendees enjoyed live performances, wild characters lit up and on stilts, music, face-painting, food and beverages and so much more!

ORACLE of Delphi

In the center of ancient Greece was the holy city of Delphi.
In the mountains above Delphi was a sacred Temple dedicated to the god Apollo.
In the center of the Temple was an Oracle channeling his prophesy.

Now, the Oracle of ancient Delphi returns to her temple gardens to bestow the wisdom of Apollo once again. The ancient Pythia, or prophetess, was the embodiment of light and enlightenment…she was the voice of Apollo as well as the embodiment of goodness. Step up to the Oracle, and take a step back in time!

Please contact us if you are interested in bringing this mobile, interactive theatre performance to your location or event.